Join us in reducing waste wirth Post-Consumer Waste-Recycling

Post-consumer recycled material is based on a highly organised closed loop system which benefits the environment

Delivery of film waste

Plastic packaging waste is delivered to the recycling plant.


The waste film is shredded and washed. The clean film shreds are then dried.


The material is melted down and granulated into small pellets. It is then cooled in cold water and finally dried.

Quality control

Only high-quality material is approved for manufacture by our stringent quality control team.


Recycled film is manufactured from the granulate and then processed to manufacture new products.

Video explanation of the PCR cycle

What is the difference between industrial recycling and post-consumer waste recycling?

Industrial recycling is the recycling of production waste for economic reasons and has been common practice in the packaging industry for years.

Post-Consumer-Recycling is a recycling process which due to its complexity can only be achieved by a few companies.

Packaging waste is recycled into new packaging creating a closed loop supply. This means the raw material life cycle is extended considerably which also protects the environment.

Industrial Recycling (IR)

  • Recycling of plastic waste during manufacture
  • Washing process not required
  • Common practice at most plastic manufacturers
  • No stippling in printed film
  • Film life cycle has not yet started

Post-Consumer-Recycling (PCR)

  • Recycling of customer film waste
  • Washing process required
  • Complex technical process which can only be executed by a few manufacturers
  • Stippling in printed film
  • Extended raw material life cycle
  • Closed loop manufacture
  • Conserves resources
  • Reduces the generation of waste
  • Distinctive odour

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