Cushioned plastic film with a diverse range of applications

Almost no other packaging material offers such a wide range of commercial applications as bubble wrap film. It is made from 100% polyethylene (PE), can be recycled, is absolutely safe to use and is neutral in odour.

Bubble wrap film is a packaging marvel for its products. It provides cushioning against any impact and protects against dirt and scratches. It prevents dust and moisture getting in and you can still see what is in the packaging. Bubble wrap film packaging is characterised by its ease of application. Its lightweight nature helps lower expensive packaging and transport costs.

Your products are packaged perfectly as we supply bubble wrap in various qualities, different materials and bubble diameters.

Bubble wrap options

Our bubble wrap film is available as 2 or 3-layer options. The manufacture of the 2-layer bubble wrap film consists of laminating a thin, smooth flat layer of film with a bubble wrap film, whose small, round air cushions are enclosed with tear-resistant flexible film. With the 3-layer bubble wrap film either an additional layer of PE-flat film is applied to the bubbles or it can be reinforced by using a fleece or aluminium lamination.

bubble wrap layers

Bubble wrap product range

POLYTECH -Packaging supplies bubble wrap in various qualities and types of material as well as tailored solutions for our customers.